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Lost sheep from Ireland

Irish sheep

Irish sheep

This is Daniel, he came to America from Ireland and can’t seem to find the local bar. He really loves living here but he sure misses his Guinness beer! He promises to sit quietly on the bar , if you bring him along.

How it was made:

  1. The white wool was gathered on our trip to Ireland this year. Danny (my husband) gathered it as the family made the treacherous climb up the mountain to the giant Saint Patrick Statue. I stayed at the bottom and drew pictures, since my artificial knees won’t make a climb like that!
  2. I first made a wire skeleton of the sheep
  3. I wrapped black wool around the wire and jabbed it with a needle-felting needle repeatedly until it became pretty solid.
  4. Once I had the black body and tiny ears together I began adding the Irish found wool (after washing it ) it is much courser than the store bought American wool (probably processed and beat into soft submission).
  5. I glued on blue seed beads for the eyes.

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