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Pricing Art

I hate this part of art. I’d love to just create and create and then let someone else worry about the pricing thing. What makes it so hard for me is that I have to guess how much time  something is going to take- how can I do this if when I’m doing art time stands still and I have no idea if 1 minute or 1 day has passed. Then I have to figure out how much per hour I want to pay myself and how much all the crap I use to make art costs. Sheesh! This is way too much to ask an artistic person to do. But like going to the dentist, I guess its something that’s gotta be done, even if it wants to make me vomit.

Here’s some pricing tips:

Pricing artwork and crafts

  • Add up the cost of all materials you used .
  • Then add up the number of hours you worked on the piece.
  • Then come to a determination of how much your time is worth (something like $10-$50/hr or some other reasonable number).
  • Then add the percentage of cost for your studio, electric, water, etc., that was used during the making of the artwork.
  • Then add 10% for good measure.

This should give you a fair price for the work.

For instance:

materials: $25.00

hours at $20.00/hour: 6=$120.00

studio related costs: $75.00

subtotal: $220.00

10% added value: $22.00

price of a 6 hour painting: $240.00

It is important that your artwork prices always go up. So start low with the intention of allowing prices to rise. Professional galleries will normally ask for 50% of the selling price (sometimes more). This will raise the price of your painting to $480.00. Do not sell for less. Once the price has been set by the gallery. Raise your prices when selling direct because your gallery will want their cut.

One response

  1. priced to “sell” or priced to preserve your dignity?

    June 2, 2011 at 7:00 AM

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