A daily dose of creative suspense.

Getting closer

Ry vs. clay head

Now, I feel better. I’m getting closer to what I want. I suppose if I worked bigger it wouldn’t look as grainy but for now I like working little. Doll size. Now I won’t look at it till tomorrow so I have fresh eyes to see what I need to do to refine it just a bit more. Oh how I wish life had an undo button. It’s just like the old days when just the tiniest slip of the hand or mistake from my faulty brain and WHAM! hours of work down the toilet. But it does add an element of danger. Like walking on the edge of a razor sharp rock high in the mountains where one slip would end my life with no undo button. I did that once, up in Maine. I took an ecology college course, left my four kids with Danny (my husband) and took off for an intense 2 week course. One week in the mountains (where I walked on that razor edge rock risking my life) and then one week at the ocean dragging up saline which I then drew and recorded and wrote poems about. I sure have a wonderful husband, don’t I? He has always supported me in any crazy thing I want to do. How did I get so lucky?

2 responses

  1. It is pretty impressive what you are able to do so quickly. I do hope that the other 2 heads have also survived, b-cuz they were pretty awesome too!

    June 8, 2011 at 8:59 AM

  2. katdazzle

    Nope, I Dissoved the other two heads. Waste not, want not.

    June 8, 2011 at 9:30 AM

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