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Firing Ry

I sculpted Ry and used wire under the clay as a sort of skeleton to  provide support. I saw it somewhere on the internet. But I think they just did for sculpture that they never fired. They must have just used it for making a mold.

Anyway, I spent many hours getting his face just right. Then I found somewhere else on the internet that you can’t fire clay with wire in it because it will expand and explode. Also you have to hollow out stuff so it doesn’t explode. His head was solid.

His head blew up within the first few minutes. I used the deck fireplace dish thing and filled it with charcoal, put lighter fluid on the briquettes and fired it up. I made a ring of them around the Ry sculpture and propped his feet up on a stone with his back flat.

As I mentioned earlier, there was a loud POP! and his head blew up right out his eyes. I guess that was the weakest point. It was mostly just the top of his head that blew off. I think the bottom , from the eyes down is okay. I just let the charcoal fire burn until it burned itself out to ashes. About four hours and now he is just relaxing in there, among the ashes cooling off. There are two tiny cracks at his knees but other than that he looks fine. I think it would have worked if I had hollowed out his head?

I used white stoneware clay.


Soon as he cools off I’ll take a picture of the finished Sculpture.


One response

  1. I wonder if he heated up too fast or if there was a little air pocket. Poor little fella!

    June 17, 2011 at 6:37 PM

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