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Sculpting Eyes

I thought I had a good way to make eyes for my little sculptures, until yesterday.

  • I would hallow the head out once it was hard enough to do so without collapsing.
  • Then I would smoosh in eye bals from the back into the eye holes.
  •  I would lay down skinny, tiny srips of clay above and below the eyes to make the lids
  • Let it stiffen up a bit and then carve in the iris and pupil.
  • WaLa! A nice eye.
yesterday I was all done my latest sculpture, ALL DONE! and I just was refining stuff here and there . I was gently picking boogies out of her eyes and  then…..
POP! Her eye fell back into her empty head! Oh Shit!
I had to hack off her head and redo the whole eye socket, then reattach everything.
I swore to find a new way to do eyes. So here goes:

From Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis

Watch this guy do it. I bought his book. He is REALLY good. But he works much bigger than I do. Maybe I should work bigger? It sure would be easier.

Here’s some other eyes instructions by Gene Van Horne

Sculpting eyes is actually quite easy…

1. Create an eye socket using a ball burnisher type tool. Not too deep, not too shallow, just a nice little dent.

2. Where you want the corners of your eyes use a pin and poke in each corner straight in to the head. This causes the putty in the socket to bulge up some and creates your eyeball.

3. Use a sharp small tool, I use a .032 piece of brass wire that has been pounded out and sharpened and buffed smooth. See http://www.perfect-t…m/newpage11.htm and click on the SUPERFINE PRO METAL TIP TOOLS picutre. Look at SFP-4J Straight Spatula (fourth tool down from the top) and that’s basically what I use for creating the eyelids. Take the very tip of the tool and very carefully make four marks, each starting from the holes you just poked, angling up for the upper lid and angling down for the lower lid. Pull out a tiny bit of putty from each mark you make to create your eyelids. Like this… <> I usually start on the inside upper corner and work around clockwise. Don’t push in hard or you’ll sink in the eyeball. It’s all about pulling OUT the eyelids. Look at one of Werner Klocke’s figures and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

4. Finish off by pressing up and in lightly with either a clay shaper or a spoon type tool, a little above the eye to create the browline. If you want an eyebrow push in and down very lightly with the same tool, a hair above the browline to define the brow. You don’t need to deliniate hairs on the eyebrows unless they are bushy. If they are really bushy you’ll have to add putty and then texture them.

Eyes almost never stare straight ahead, but commonly look a bit to left or right. I find the informality of a slight sideways glance simplifies the overall problem and makes the eyes more attractive.

A video of making eyes by Joanna Mozdzen http://www.joannamozdzen.com

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  2. Ray

    great article !!

    March 25, 2014 at 1:05 PM

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