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BJD Artist I admire

Porcelain clay in its raw form is NOT an easy medium to deal with but yet some artists have conquered it and almost seem to be addicted to the struggle and challenges this medium presents.

Artists such as Fawn Zeller, Marlaine Verhelst, Susan Scogin, and Loretta Norcross typically choose to sculpt original works in raw porcelain clay without the use of molds. Others such as Jill Nemirow-Nelson may prefer to start sculpting from simple castings – simple hollow skeletons they can then manipulate. For the resultant work to be called “original”, these castings must be made from molds drawn from this same artist’s original sculpt!

Freckles by Linda Macario

Linda Macario:
“My favorite air dry clays are LaDoll and DAS. For the hair, I usually choose mohair fiber — it has an antique look that gives a certain charm to the doll. The eyes are an essential part of the doll, so they must be the best, and blown glass eyes are my favorite. German glass eyes look real. They have splendid shades of color and give the doll a beautiful expression. They are very expensive but worth the money. A good doll can become beautiful with the right eyes .My dolls are characterized by a romantic and slightly vintage look. Mohair fully captures this spirit. Even human hair is a good choice.  I favor natural fibers for creating unique hairstyles. I never use synthetic wigs on my dolls because they do not fit my style. My choice materials depends on the doll I am creating. I do not think one material is better than another, but rather one is better suited to a particular doll. I avoid all materials that are of poor quality.” Linda Macario, an Italian BJD artist from Florence
She makes dolls in the 40 to 65 cm range.

A tutorial by

linda on making and painting a head

You can find Linda Macario on:

Her Blog:http://lindamacariodolls.blogspot.com/

Leila by Linda Macario

Her Website: http://www.lindamacariodolls.com/

 measure: approx. 50 cm tall

material: LaDoll clay
eyes: soft silicon eyes
hair: human hair (applied directly on head)
number of joints: 14

You can buy her at available soon at Letsplaydolls.com

The Trio by Linda

Each doll measure 12 inchs with 14 joints, painted with acrylics and finished with wax. Eyes are painted and hair are mohair wigs.

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