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Poor Gnome – left with just a stump!

This little gnome is very sad because he slid off his stand in the kiln and his …ahem….widdle pee-pee broke off leaving him an even smaller stump! And he skinned his knee too. The knee I can bandage but the other ????? I thought of dipping the end in hot wax to make him a prosthesis??? But every time I light the candle he takes off for the forest.

He is mortified that I posted his mishap on the internet and tried to hide out in the forest but I found him anyway with the help of Bowie’s superior gnome sniffing talents. I got to take some pictures to show you how maimed the poor little guy has become.

His penis broke off and his knee is skinned. What was he doing last night?

Hiding his shame in the Black-eyed Susans

Gnome eyes full of sadness.

Hiding his face in shame.

Hiding in a tree. But I found him!

As long as he lays like this no one will know!

Waiting for butterflies.

One response

  1. Poor guy! Good thing he has a great personality…

    August 8, 2011 at 8:25 AM

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