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Making a doll wig

Where's my hair?

Materials for making Doll wigs:

  • The viscose material used for doll wigs is the shiniest among other miniature wigs.

    Viscose is also excellent since this material is easy to curl using knitting needles and is less likely to form frizz.

  • The Tibetan lamb wool is also used in achieving natural wavy styles for long-haired dolls.
  • Mohair, on one hand, is commonly used by doll makers in forming thick fibers of braids.
  • There are also doll makers who use silk fiber or tussah, wool yarns, embroidery threads, among others.
  • Human hair
Basically it’s possible to find Tibetan Fur in ivory white (brilliant white isn’t natural, because it comes from whitened ivory mohair), black, some kind of blonde and brown. Normally it is curly, but it can have straighter or curlier parts only at the ends or at the roots. It is possible to find it in different lengths of fiber too, from 5 to 15 cm, and with different types of skin too. Sometimes the skin can be too thick and is not good for sewing. The fiber is almost always fine but extremely strong. One last thing is that not all Tibetan fur  plates are good to create a wig, because they can have scars on the skin, sewn areas or parts with irregular fiber lengths (from very long to very short.) Tibetan fur wigs can be washed with a bit of shampoo or natural soap under lukewarm water. The important thing is not to wet the skin because it could shrink. If the skin gets wet, try to dry it immediately. Open it and fill it with tons of handkerchiefs. Create a ball as big as the doll’s head and put it into the wig, so the skin won’t become smaller, and handkerchiefs will absorb the skin’s humidity.
Steps to make doll wig:
  • You will need:
  •           plastic wrap,
  •           transparent craft glue,
  •           light fabric pen,
  •           wig material (either human hair, dyed hair, or fur)
  • After you have all you need in making your china doll wig, place your doll into a stable working area.
  • Mark the doll’s hairline with a light fabric pen. This mark will be the wig base that will guide you in placing the hair material for the wig.
  • Now, take the plastic wrap to cover the head and glue the plastic wrap evenly around the head.
  • Put the wig material, whether human hair or fur, on the head with plastic wrap.
  • At last, the china doll wig is finally in place. You will now have to allow the glue to completely dry and once it has dried, you can freely adjust the wig or remove it.

    You can even curl the wig if you are using human hair.

Wig making tutorials:
Welting hair– show how to sew hair with tissue paper

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