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My first BJD’s hair

I’ve been saving hair for a while, never knowing exactly what I was going to use it for but like the good artist I am, I knew someday it would be useful. My first porcelain doll is ready for hair. So I looked on the internet on how to make a wig.


Trayful of Jocie's curls

I cut 3 inch strips of tissue paper. They say this is very necessary so the hair doesn’t go down into your sewing machine.

3 inch tissue strips

Set the stitch length to lowest setting. mine is 2.

Use lowest setting.

Use matching thread.

Use matching thread

Then I laid the hair in a row between two strips and sewed down the strip 3 times, each row a little apart from the other.

I then covered her head with plastic cling wrap and laid a strip of cotton from the back of her head to the forhead and smeared Liquid nails all over it. I did the same with the sides cutting a semi-circle .I cut a very thin band to glue around the whole edge of the wig cap and let it dry overnight. In the morning I pulled off the plastic wrap and had a perfect fitting wig cap.

I made a ball of foil to be a stand in for her porcelain head so I wouldn’t mess it up with glue as I glued on the strips of hair. I couldn’t get all the tissue paper off, even after soaking it in water for a few hours. I guess i have to do it better next time or find another way.

I just smeared liquid nails on the back of each strip and glued it all to the wig cap in a style that was cute.

Sew three rows of stiches and then pick out the tissue paper, fold back over edge and stitch two more times

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