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Painting the doll

Dolly's got problems

My first porcelain doll, which is mostly a learning doll because I really have no idea what i’m doing. I fired her twice and then painted her with china paint and fired her again. Just like people said on the Internet all the red in her rosy cheeks and lips burned off leaving white porcelain and the skin color, which I thought was going to be too dark mostly only showed up in the cracks. every little imperfection showed up when color was applied. I don’t own my own kiln so I didn’t want to keep experimenting with the china paint because it had to be fired at a lower temperature than anything else, so she had to run a giant kiln with only my tiny doll. not good.
So I read somewhere that I could use oil paints to paint her. I thought why not, I don’t know what else to do at this point. The oil paint had to be mixed heavily with linseed oil to get it to spread evenly and blend. After blending, I wiped off the excess oil. I think it turned out pretty nice, but some spots where the porcelain turned glassier and whiter, causing the paint to react differently. But all in all, I think not too bad for a novice.
Her hair keeps falling out but only shot pieces, not sure what to do about that. Maybe more glue?
Her right hip socket is a bit too big and the ball sometimes falls into the socket and she ends up with one short leg. She may need orthopedic shoes.
Her poor hands are all crackled , why? I used a commercial slip on them and it fired different than my porcelain. I guess you can’t mix clays even if they are both porcelain.

She is very upset about her hair falling out.

Her hip ball falls into her socket and makes her walk crooked.

Her hands are dry and cracked from washing too many dishes.

She is so embarrashed about her big feet. Her Mom told her she will grow into them but she is thinking of having them bound like old chinese princesses.

Her eyes are uneven because part of the bigger one fell out during one of her firings. She doesn't mind this because it makes her look cute.

Is it almost bedtime, I'm getting tired of all this picture taking.

I'm getting sleepy!

I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Now you are making me mad!

I'm trying to sleep here. Please shut off the lights.

No! Means NO! No more pictures.

One response

  1. You listed ALL of the negative things that you could find about this project… How about telling us what did work? I think this doll is an amazing accomplishment for a first attempt with no prior training.

    September 9, 2011 at 11:32 AM

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