A daily dose of creative suspense.

Sewing a new frock for first doll

Jocie picked out the material and I sewed up a summer dress, panties, stockings and shoes for “Etsy”. That’s right, Jocie named her Etsy. She said it has been her favorite name for awhile.

Etsy loves to strike a pose for the camera, even though she was very miffed at me for photographing her nude. She’s still pouting. But I wanted everyone to see how her joints work.

Etsy riding Dorian's donkey.

Etsy climbed this tree but now she's not sure she can get down.

She knows she's pretty.

Etsy daydreaming about Pinocchio.

Etsy asked when Ana is going to mow the grass.

This flower matches her dress .

She loves to sit in the garden and wait for fairies.

She was tempted to join the goldfish for a swim.

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