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Elephant 17- new porcelain doll

Ana's birthday present

The first photos of the porcelain elephant I made for Ana’s birthday. It is a ball-jointed doll, strung with elastic. She is painted with oil paint which is not sticking very well, I guess my first doll which was fired three times was denser, so the oil did not soak right in? Still haven’t figured out the china painting technique.

I’m getting better but still not at the level of skill I want to be. But the journey is what I enjoy anyway.

17 looks so pretty in her new sailor dress and hat

I found her hat at Micheals and added the blue ribbon and elastic. I cut slots for her ears so it would fit better. Her two piece sailor outfit was hand sew from a piece of old vintage cotton. It took a lot of tiny stitches and three tiny vintage snaps. I made her panties from a discarded pair of white tights that used to belong to Jocie. I’m very happy with how she turned out and Ana named her 17.

17 sits quietly waiting for Ana to come home from school. She tries not to look at the clock too often and hums happy songs through her trunk while she waits.

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