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Strike a pose! taking better photos

I am putting some of my porcelain sculpture necklaces on Etsy. But now I have to take really good photos of them.

Timing: is everything

High noon: good for shoot outs and harsh strong shadows

Morning or evening: Nice soft shadows!

Flash news: diffuse the flash

The flash is our friend but it can be too flashy! You don’t want hot spots of white on your shiny stuff or light parts of your picture blown out with too much light. So what’s a girl to do?


  • Put a piece of white tissue paper over the flash. It will result a brighter picture but without the distracting, overexposed bright spots.
  • Have external spotlight shine through sheet or vellum and not use the flash
  • Use filtered morning light through a sheer drape


White: The plain white background has an advantage: it is easier to photograph, and easier to take in visually. Using white as background has one more advantage: it intensifies the light, so it can help in taking photos of a darker item.  Here’s one way to make a light box.

Patterns: Material, books writing, outside, whatever works with the piece . But be careful that you keep the jewelry the most important part. Don’t get too busy. (often my problem)

Contrast: Put a dark piece on light background nd a light piece on dark. A simple piece on busy background and a busy piece on simple background.

Soft shadows: Use a piece of velour or velvet to absorb light .

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