A daily dose of creative suspense.

Polishing the Knob.

When we decorated the christmas tree, I pulled out the silver jingle balls I had bought for each child when they were  born. They were black with tarnish. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought I remembered that ketchup would get them clean.

Nope! That just got it covered with ketchup. Maybe it would have worked if it have High fructose corn syrup in it. Cause it didn’t. Causer i hate that stuff. Made my mother blind , so it scares me (diabetes, not me- her).

So here’s a method I just found. May not work any better than ketchup- we’ll see? I’ll let you know, unless you do it first and then I’ll let you know.

Try an ion exchange, a molecular reaction in which aluminum acts as a catalyst. All you have to do is line a pan with a sheet of aluminum foil, fill it with cold water, and add two teaspoons of salt. Drop your tarnished silverware into the solution, let it sit for two to three minutes, then rinse off and dry.

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