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Dorian’s Doll

Now that I was finally able to give it to her , I can now put up a few photos. This 13′ ball-jointed doll is sculpt from porcelain. She has painted eyes. I still have not decided which I like more painted eyes or inset glass eyes. Her white soft hair is Tibetan lamb wool, you don’t want to know how I acquired that! Her crocheted hat and sexy pink lingerie outfit was hand sewn by my dear friend Sandy Malamed, who is a genius with the needle. Isn’t the bra adorable? She is strung with elastic cord and pins. very loosely so she drapes into her surroundings but has trouble standing up. She prefers to lounge. She’s that kind of girl unlike her owner who prefers to charge full speed into life. I’ll take more pictures soon.
Take a look at the porcelain doll I made for Dorian.

One response

  1. Looks like she needs a softer place to do her lounging. May I suggest a velvet divan?

    February 8, 2012 at 10:49 AM