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Craft Pricing Diagram

Trying, trying to learn as much as I can about this business of selling my art. The most important thing I learned from a recent Etsy Pricing workshop was


Whew! Thank God! I am VERY frugal. It’s like a game for me to find the lowest prices or free. It means finding more creative ways to get what I need and want. It just makes life more fun for me. But I sure am happy that I am not my customer. I was pricing my art by what I would pay, which would be peanuts or free. So now that I am changing my outlook by- what else but EDUCATION- I am now doing the MATH! Yuk! How I hate math but (sorry, right brainers) oh, so very important in figuring out what price to sell my art for. Of course , its not cut and dry. Not 1+2=3. There’s psychology involved and gambling and experimentation. Now that could be fun? We’ll see.

The ladies on Etsy say that I must (just stab me several times in the eye, it would be just as painful) , anyway , they say I must keep track of my hours of labor. I hate that- did you already guess that? There’s probably an App for that, which would make it more fun- right? Wait , I’ll go look..okay looks like there are quite a few to do that. Billings Pro and Time Tracker are now downloaded into my iPhone so I can track my time. I’ll let you know how well they work.

So, I drew a Pricing diagram so I can understand the pricing thing better. after all I am a visual person- so I need visuals. Maybe it will help you too?

Craft Pricing Diagram

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