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Audrey lost her head!

Poor Audrey she lost her head yesterday. I was trying to smooth her neck out, her long, long, swan-like neck and POP! her head flew off and rolled across the floor! Hours and hours of work just went POP! So I tried to repair her but I don’t know if she will be okay. This people making is heart breaking work. Sigh.

I have finally decided to do the Audrey in a suit with a poodle and suitcases outfit. I think it was because I love the hat so much and I can’t wait to make the little suitcases. She is going to be about 24″ tall. How did she grow so big? She is about the same size as Marlyn, who by the way is sitting ever so patiently on top of the TV waiting for her new arm.

Could be good? What do you think?

One response

  1. why? why? why? is it always the head that meets disaster? When i saw your post I was hoping to see PICTURES of her head, not read about her demise 😦

    July 12, 2012 at 7:32 AM

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