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The Sacred heart Orphans. Meet Margaret and Frank.

The Sacred Heart Orphans

My little girl and boy are from The Sacred Heart Orphanage. Their story is very sad. Their dear mother died when she toppled from a train platform and was crushed under a Steam Engine barreling through Philadelphia’s 30th street station in 1942. She was there to find a home for here newest baby. They were desperately poor and she had decided that she wanted this newest child to have a better life . She found a nice Irish woman waiting in the train station and asked her to hold her baby while she went to the ladies room. She then climbed out the window, leaving her baby with the Irish woman. She tried to hurry away unnoticed failing to see a large brown bear asleep on the platform. She tripped over him and fell under the passing express train. Her husband was grief stricken when he heard the news that he had lost his wife and new born child.He went stark raving mad!
So the remaining two children were sent to the Sacred Heart Orphanage.The very same place where I grew up many years later.
It’s not a nice place. The Sisters of the Sacred Heart are cruel.
Margaret and Frank have to be adopted together because at this point they have gone through too much to be seperated. I know what it’s like to be separated from your brothers. I was separated from my four brothers and even though you fight and scrap , you still love them and miss them.

The girl is about 3 inches high. So she is no trouble at all. She eats very little but her little brother can be a handful, as boys tend to be.

They are made entirely of porcelain and china painted with Mongolian sheep hair. The clothes are hand sewn by me. They took longer then the sculpting of the bodies! They will soon be for sell in my Etsy shop!

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