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Creativity, where does it come from?

Are you born creative? Some research is starting to show evidence that creative people have brains that shut down the part of the brain that is suppose to keep us in line while we think up crazy creative ideas. For example, if you are sitting under a tree admiring a rabbit hopping by and an idea pops in your head to write a story about a little girl who follows a rabbit into its hole and falls into a dream world. Your brain is suppose to light up and the great judge/ naysayer in your brain is suppose to say- ” You dang fool, stop daydreaming and get back inside to scrub toilets before the boss fires you. That was a stupid idea and people would laugh at you. People would REJECT you, if you tried to write a story called Alice in Wonderland!

In a creative brain, the Judge goes dark, falls asleep, well maybe just becomes a tiny whisper. A creative person is willing to take that risk of criticizism and rejection to realize his creative dream. A creative person is a risk taker. You have to be. If you fear public humiliation and social rejection , you will be unable to create the next masterpiece. But on the other hand you will always feel incomplete and unfulfilled in your artistic life. In the end, the world suffers when an artist goes to scrub toilets instead of making their creative idea into realitity.

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