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New Kiln

I’m experimenting. I’m trying different types of doll construction till I find what type suits me the best. Ball jointed dolls have some limitations when it comes to portraits. Because of the joint formations the doll can’t get the lines of the neck correct and when it comes to capturing a likeness , that’s all important. So, right now I’m trying porcelain heads, arms and legs with cloth bodies. I’m doing Audrey Hepburn that way. Poor Marlyn had to be wrapped up and put away in a shoe box because she just couldn’t take the stress of the springs because I wasn’t able to fire her to cone 10 on my friends kiln.

BUT……now I have my own kiln! Hurray! So I can fire to ten. The problem with poor Marlyn is so was already painted with oils and her hair attached. So I can’t refire without burning off everything. I probably will at some point but not now.

My new kiln! I love it and it loves me!

Jeff, my little brother , memorial sculpture

Its finished, the memorial sculpture I did of my recently decreased little brother who died of a massive heart attack at age 51. Very sad but somehow making this little sculpture of him helps- a lot. I’m thinking that I might start doing this for other people too. It would be a very nice way to remember a loved one.