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Fabric Art

A whole lot of monsters.

I got an order for a whole lotta monster purses from a company in Korea. It has to be shipped out on wednesday. I’m almost finished with them. Only the beads around the girl monsters eyes to do and then wha-la! I’ll package them up and ship them off. I’ll post pictures later today.

Blue bird

Made from 100% wool recycled sweaters, wire and the beak was from a Dorian fruit.

Turning small parts

Photo credit : Mellyandme

Here’s a link to tips on how to turn those little legs, arms and horns.

Green Monster purse

I made this for Dorian whule up in P-Town, MASS. He’s made from upcycled sweater with a metal zipper mouth. His strap is ribbon and his eyes are glue on goggley eyes. He has a pocket with a stuffed heart on a string so he never loses it, and a green heart button on the outside so he doesn’t forget where to put his heart. He swallowed a “Waiting” button.

Dancing Green Lennie

Wool- Cashmere, Angora,Mereno- what’s the difference?

Merino wool
is a wonderfully soft, highly sought after fiber. It grows on sheep specifically bred for their fine, warm fleece.

is one of the worlds finest fibers. ‘Finest’ in that it is very soft and fine to touch, and also very sought after for many reasons.

actually comes from the Angora Goat. This goat is native to the Angora region of Turkey, but is now raised mainly in South Africa and the United States. Mohair is highly resilient and strong. Mohair’s luster, not softness, determines its value. Mohair is used in home decorating fabrics as well as garment fabrics including tropical worsteds.

wool is extremely soft. It comes from Cashmere goats, which can be combed or sheared.Cashmere is from the Kasmir goat down. Separation of the soft fibers from the long, coarse hair is tedious and difficult, contributing to the expense of the fabric. The soft hair is woven or knitted into fine garments and can also be blended with silk, cotton, or wool.

The Original Lopi
is a chunky weight Icelandic wool. It is warmest wool in the world

wool is from the angora rabbit. This soft fiber is used in sweaters, mittens and baby clothes.

is the softest coat cloth in the world. The amount of coarse hair to be separated from the soft fibers is negligible and yields the finest animal fiber in the world. Vicuna is a member of the Llama family and is small and wild. Since it is generally killed to obtain the fleece, it is protected by rigorous conservation measures. This fiber is rare and very expensive, costing several hundred dollars per yard.

Camel hair is from the extremely soft and fine fur from the undercoat of the camel. Camel’s hair can be used alone but is most often combined with fine wool for overcoating, topcoating, sportswear and sports hosiery. Because of the beauty of the color, fabrics containing camel’s hair are usually left in the natural camel color or dyed a darker brown. Light weight and soft, it is said that a 22 oz. camel fabric is as warm as a 32 oz. woolen fabric.

WOOL fabric brings to mind cozy warmth. Some wools are scratchy giving some people the idea that they are “allergic” to wool. Although wool fiber comes from a variety of animal coats, not all wool’s are scratchy but rather extremely soft. The wool fibers have crimps or curls which create pockets and gives the wool a spongy feel and creates insulation for the wearer. The outside surface of the fiber consists of a series of serrated scales which overlap each other much like the scales of a fish. Wool is the only fiber with such serration’s which make it possible for the fibers to cling together and produce felt. The same serration’s will also cling together tightly when wool is improperly washed and shrinks! Wool will not only return to its original position after being stretched or creased, it will absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. Its unique properties allow shaping and tailoring, making the wool the most popular fabric for tailoring fine garments. Wool is also dirt resistant, flame resistant, and, in many weaves, resists wear and tearing.