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DIY money saving floor.

IMG_3273My beach cottage got flooded during Hurricane Sandy. The first thing I thought about was my kitchen floor. I crafted my floor about 8 years ago and had just refinished it this summer. It was sitting underwater for probably over a week. I was vacationing in Japan so I couldn’t check it till over a week later. The Fema guy told me that it would have to be ripped out. The polyurethane had turned white and foggy. I was so sad. But I decided to wait a bit and see how things went as it dryer. It’s just fine now. It dried out ¬†and cleared up and looks good as new! Wow! My hand crafted floor held up to Sandy! So I’m going to tell you how to do this to your floors, it’s cheap and crafty and holds up great!

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. remove the old floor, in my case it was old linoleum. Really old , like maybe 1960’s.
  2. lay down sheets of plywood. I used luan from Lowes. Which is pretty cheap.
  3. I nailed it down with nails they later rusted but I like that look. But if you don’t use some type of nails that don’t rust.
  4. Paint it with a base color with regular old house paint. I painted my yellow because that is my favorite color.
  5. Collect all your pictures from books and magazines. Make sure they are pretty thick paper. If it is too thin, it may wrinkle. Cut out a million of them, even more than you think you need. I kept thinking I had enough but I didn’t so I had to keep running out and finding more! I used a collectors reference book of movie posters, old menus. Books of photos of Marlyn and Elvis. My kitchen theme is the 50’s since the cottage was built in the early 50’s.
  6. Thin down elmers glue and glue pictures to floor. You could use Modge Podge but it is way more expensive but doesn’t wrinkle cheap paper.
  7. Some places I painted with glow-in-the-dark paint over spots on the pictures, like dresses and designs. (cause I got kids we think that’s cool, okay, okay, I think it’s cool)
  8. Some places I painted glitter paint, like on Marlyn’s dress.
  9. I even added some stickers here and there to fill in spots.
  10. Once I was happy with the arrangement, I rolled on three coats of polyurethane , letting it dry between coats.
  11. After 8 years of wet sandy feet, and a major flood- it still looks great!
  12. I did the same process on the counter. I just kept the original surface which was also some type of vinyl stuff that I roughed up and then painted, then did the same steps as the floor. The only mishap was someone (no one has confessed put a very hot pot on the counter and burnt it and that part cracked and peeled and had to be redone sooner.

I did resurface it this summer by applying three more coats of polyurethane.


A DIY Floor


A DIY counter top to match the floor.


You can do this too! It’s lots of fun!




Mr. Toasty and Butter Buddy

Mr. Toast and his Buddy Butter

Mr. Toast and his Buddy Butter

Mr. Toast loves to spend time in his sauna although when the time is up and he pops out of the toaster it often startles him. His best friend, Butter Buddy never goes in the sauna with him, but they spend many hours discussing philosophy and sipping tea.

I sewed up this cute little guy for my 26 year daughter. I used off white felt for the white part of the bread and tan cotton for the arms, legs and crust. He has button eyes. Most of it I sewed on my machine. His little friend Buddy Butter is all yellow felt. I didn’t use a pattern, I just drew out the shapes and winged it.