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Cute vinyl wallet

I saw this wallet on Martha Steward and I want to make some. They can be bought from Dear Sukie on Etsy.com

Vinyl wallet by "Dear Sukie"

Dryer Lint Clay

Tiny Teddy bears made from Belly Button Lint by Rachel Betty Case

My daughter wanted me to make her tiny little bears out of Lint Clay, I found this recipe:


2 cups firmly packed dryer lint
1/3 cup warm water
6 tablespoons white glue
1 tablespoon clear dishwashing liquid
Food coloring

Put lint into a mixing bowl.
Add the other ingredients.
Mix thoroughly. When you can no longer mix, kneadwith hands until of a uniform texture.

Shape and model figures or cover an molds with it,

Pink Victoria secret bra purse

I made this and mailed it to a woman in Cananda. I belong to Swap-bot and it was the Pimp Your Bra swap. It took a long time to get to her but finially it did. I thought I was going to have to make another one for her.

Victoria Secret Bra purse

Pink elephant sweater purse


Pink recyled sweater purse

I made this purse with a long snout to put tampons or lipsticks in! It’s made from a shrunken sweater and has a zipper mouth.

Bra Purse or Boob bag

Black Bra Purse

Black Bra Purse

A very lacy Vistoria Secret Bra purse

A very lacy Vistoria Secret Bra purse

How it was done:

  1. First I cut off the side pieces of the bra.
  2. I sewed the two cups together going uo the side a little bit to close up the top opening.
  3. On the black purse I also sewed a wedge shape in the bottom, because the larger size bras that have a deep plunge are hard to close at the top.
  4. I sewed on the closure of the purse using the cut off hook and eye from the back of the bra.
  5. I sewed on the straps to make the handle. On both purses I added extra length to the straps with matching straps so it would be lon enough to be a shoulder bag.