A daily dose of creative suspense.


  • I just want someone to want me.

  • Hello It’s me.~Todd Rungren

  • “Falling in love is like jumping off a tall building, your brain tells you it’s not a good idea but your heart tells you, YOU can fly.”
  • It’s so hard for me staying here all alone.~Neil Young

  • You can’t treat women like hotels

  • Love me already. ~Black kids

  • We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. ~Goethe

  • And never resign to a typical life- Broken Bells,

  • Why can’t we be forever?~Fitz and the tantrums

  • And the words came just like a hard rain~Shout out Loud

  • Don’t turn it off.I kinda like it~40Thieves

  • I’ve lost the use of my heart but I’m still alive~Sade

  • Just be thankful for what you’ve got

  • I want you back~Local natives

  • You will make it but only if you run~Julian Plenti

  • Home is wherever I’m with you. ~Edward sharp =& the magnetic zeros

  • I’ve got to stop waiting for you.~~Calvin Harris

  • You have my whole heart for my whole life.

  • I fucking love you.


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