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Clay Puppets:
1. Using VAN AKEN Claytoon plasticine from Micheals ($3.79) It never dries and holds it’s shape really well, but you have to be careful not to smear colors into each other, especially red seemed to get on everything. Baby wipes help clean up AND smooth seams. We attached coins on the bottoms to make a sturdy weighted base. Play dough does not work, it’s too soft and then it dries out and cracks.

Filming Technique
1. Set up scene and camera on tripod. Made a little stage. Set up lights but need more lights.
2. Very slowly moved actors and took photo of each change of position
3. Imported photos to Photoshop and resized to720 pixels x 480 pixels 72 DPI, using the ACTIONS tool to speed up the process. 7.2 ” x 4.8″ 100dpi
For the May Lee Murder film I did it in 13 frames per
Make sure to set this preference before importing the still photos or it won’t work.
4. Imported into Premiere Film editing program
Stop-Motion Links:


Making the stop-motion puppets links:
Foam latex puppets are more flexible, durable, and more professional looking than clay…”

Good Good Reading

StopMotionAnimation.com – A library of information and an unsurpassed resource!
Info,Library,Links,News – from expert stop-mo man, Lionel Ivan Orozco
Master model maker, Peter Erickson (NYC) shows us how it’s done… Check out his props, they are simply incredible!


Polymorph- the moldable plastic used to make joints solid. Softens  in water.
Buy from Kelvin

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