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Brinton Lodge Pin Up Art

The Pin Ups inspired by Brinton Lodge Haunted House

lillian_card Dance_girl4x6BabeWM gansters headless Hannah4x6 LadyinWhite lilHannahWM

The whole month of October I volunteered at a 300 year old lodge that almost became a parking lot. I have a passion for old buildings. So I’m helping to restore and save the old place and all its ghosts. In October they have a haunted house and I read Tarot cards there as a 300 year old ghost fortune teller. Take a look at some of my painted faces. I painted on my face with acrylic paints and it washes right off at the end of the night.

I see you Screenshot 2014-11-03 15.39.21 Screenshot 2014-11-03 15.40.23