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Recycled felt sweaters

Pam’s hat

I made this hat for Pam’s birthday. Made from what else but 100 percent recycled felted wool from an old sweater. We saw it in a store in Canada and she loved it so I figured out a pattern and made her one of her own. Isn’t it cute?

Side view of the lovely Pam and her hat

Pam's hat in the mirror

Pam's hat and the cat

Top view of Pam's hat with bow

Top view of Pam's hat with bow

Done and done

All the monsters purses were mailed out yesterday! Here they all are. It was fun but took a lot of time.

All the mosters just hanging out waiting till they get shipped out to Korea

Cooter and Cookie

This purse is made from…what else? 100 percent felted upcycled wool. Hurray! I love that stuff! He is very well endowed but realistic for a monster. What fun! You will be sure to get noticed with this unique purse! And he has a matching girlfriend- Cookie! Who also has all her girlie parts in pink! Each purse is $22 and you can purchase them at Etsy!

Cookie's face with close-up of her beaded eyes $22

This is Cookie, the girl Monster with 2 zippers

Cookie, a monster felted wool puse with zipper mouth

Side view of Girl Monster purse

Cooter, the boy monster zipper mouth purse

Side view of Cooter, as you can very well see he is a boy.

Close-up of Cooters Face, a felted monster purse

Now here's a monster with balls! He ain't scared of nuttin!

Little Fang

Here’s a small purse just big enough for a wallet and cell phone. He offers a flower for you. Don’t worry he doesn’t bite! You can buy him at my Etsy shop

Little Fang $22

He picked a flower for you!

Little Fang Purse

I’m selling my stuff on Etsy!

I sold my Purple Monkey bag on Etsy.com and now I’ve posted 4 more bags to see how it goes. Here’s the large Frog Face Purse. It’s made from 100 percent up-cycled felted wool, the spider on the cell phone holding tongue is made from a real garnet stone and glass beads. If you like him you can buy it here.

The Frog Face Purse $45.00

Frog face flipped open

Tongue with beaded spider close-up

Indian Runner Ducks

I made these two live size ducks for my daughter who loves the real ducks but she couldn’t take the real ones with her, so these recycled wool sweater stuffies stand in for them.

The Zombie Family

These cute little zombies were made from felted wool recycled sweaters, lace and beads.

Adin’s Bacon-ate-or

I made this for a young boy who loves Wendy’s Bacon-ate-tors. It is made from 100% wool sweaters. The seseame seeds are hand-sewn seed beads. He loved it.

Pink elephant sweater purse


Pink recyled sweater purse

I made this purse with a long snout to put tampons or lipsticks in! It’s made from a shrunken sweater and has a zipper mouth.

Purple Monkey Cell Phone bag


Purple Monkey Bag


Zipper mouth


Taking it easy


What's up?

I needed a bag to hold my new blackberry so I whipped up this little guy from a felted sweater, using the zipper for the mouth.