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Katdazzle Girls


One Eye pig Roasts


Brinton Lodge Pin Up Art

The Pin Ups inspired by Brinton Lodge Haunted House

lillian_card Dance_girl4x6BabeWM gansters headless Hannah4x6 LadyinWhite lilHannahWM

The whole month of October I volunteered at a 300 year old lodge that almost became a parking lot. I have a passion for old buildings. So I’m helping to restore and save the old place and all its ghosts. In October they have a haunted house and I read Tarot cards there as a 300 year old ghost fortune teller. Take a look at some of my painted faces. I painted on my face with acrylic paints and it washes right off at the end of the night.

I see you Screenshot 2014-11-03 15.39.21 Screenshot 2014-11-03 15.40.23

I love you Sally Starr

Sally Starr_etsy72

Sally Starr – one of my childhood idols. She was a huge influence on my drawing glamor girls. I will miss her. Oh Sally! you brought so many little girls a bit of razzle dazzle in an otherwise dreary world. Sally deserves to be never forgotten and I hope my drawing of her will help generations to come to remember a great lady who gave herself to her fan children. She was hostess to saturday morning cartoons in the Philadelphia, Pa area ad will be missed by many children at heart.

2013981_G 2013988_G 2013989_G sally starr sally-starr-2-300x240 SallyStarr-300x244



I donated a CD cover and Poster for Amy who is battling brain cancer and wants to meet Taylor Swift. She was featured on Fox news last night.

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You can watch it on You Tube

Here is the CD cover.
Amy CD cover

and the poster
Sing Amy sing72

Little Donkey

Little Donkey propped up with Legos.
















I’m making a donkey for Dori’s birthday (my #3 daughter) and the porcelain was a bit wobbly in the legs to keep the      donkey standing upright. He’s poor little legs kept buckling under him like he had too much tequila. So I was trying to think off what to use to prop him up and I thought of using Legos! Perfect because they can stack to whatever height I need. Take a look at the donkey resting its little fat belly on the pile of Lego bricks. Shhh! Don’t tell dorian.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

A new Irish Katdazzle girl

New Katdazzle Pin-up



Don’t ask who she is, cause I’ll never tell. Not even if you put sand in my peanutbutter crackers.

Real vs. Katdazzled page 3

More ….

Krista Katdazzled

Tamatha Katdazzled

Hayley Katdazzled

Emma Katdazzled

Becky Katdazzled

Real vs. Katdazzled page 2

Some more of my Katdazzled cartoons!

Danny Katdazzled

Jesse Katdazzled

Ana Katdazzled

Sandy Katdazzled

Sonnet Katdazzled

Anabelle Katdazzled

Real vs. Katdazzled

Some of my Katdazzlecartoons paired with the photos I used as reference. Sometimes I follow the photo and sometimes I just go wild.

Sophie Katdazzled

Melissa, Laura and Shelley Katdazzled

Laran Katdazzled

Joeanne Katdazzled

Cara Katdazzled

Lauren Prom Katdazzled

Lydia Katdazzled