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Turning small parts

Photo credit : Mellyandme

Here’s a link to tips on how to turn those little legs, arms and horns.



A Stuffie Artist

I stumbled on this stuffie artist-Emily Beaulieu, and i love her stuff. I’ve been on a stuffy kick lately and she is very inspirational.

Pink elephant sweater purse


Pink recyled sweater purse

I made this purse with a long snout to put tampons or lipsticks in! It’s made from a shrunken sweater and has a zipper mouth.

Recyled Felted sweater cupcakes


Vanilla and Rasberry Swirl Cupcakes


Rasberry and vanilla cupcakes

I made these cupcakes from rolled up strips of felted (shrunk) sweaters that used to be Ana’s. Then I inserted pearl topped straight pins for sprinkles.

Black cat

Little black stray sock kitten

Little black stray sock kitten

Hermie is made from a really soft sock. He is definitely an outside cat. He loves to sit and watch my four ducks waddle by. He wishes they would let him join the gang, but he makes them nervous. The ducks feel they can never really trust him, even if he is just a kitten.

Mr. Toasty and Butter Buddy

Mr. Toast and his Buddy Butter

Mr. Toast and his Buddy Butter

Mr. Toast loves to spend time in his sauna although when the time is up and he pops out of the toaster it often startles him. His best friend, Butter Buddy never goes in the sauna with him, but they spend many hours discussing philosophy and sipping tea.

I sewed up this cute little guy for my 26 year daughter. I used off white felt for the white part of the bread and tan cotton for the arms, legs and crust. He has button eyes. Most of it I sewed on my machine. His little friend Buddy Butter is all yellow felt. I didn’t use a pattern, I just drew out the shapes and winged it.