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Beautiful Bowls

New Bowls

Two new bowls that will be going up for sale soon as I return from vacation. Aren’t they sweet? I used Sonnet (my daughter) new camera and I think it works great. I can see every grain of salt. I set up the bowl by the window that was covered with a large sheet of tracing paper. Because the bowl are glazed they are very shiny which makes it difficult to get a shot that isn’t all glare. I’m leaving for Ashville, North Carolina tomorrow morning. Its suppose to be a great artsy place where I can visit over a hundred artist studios! Why don’t I live there?



Father Ted Bowls finished! Here’s Father Jack

Father Jack

Father Jack
Father Jack Hackett, played by Frank Kelly, is an elderly, decrepit, foul-mouthed, lecherous[3] alcoholic priest who frequently lapses into violent behaviour, particularly when his fellow clergy deny him drink or try removing him from his armchair, where he is usually found sleeping (or, more likely, passed out). Left irrevocably damaged by his life of sloth, lechery and alcoholic abuse, he rarely speaks in a coherent manner, instead expressing himself through a series of random shouted words (i.e., “Feck!”, “ARSE!”, “DRINK!” and “GIRLS!”).

Father Jack

Father Jack

Father Jack

Sending jellyfish off to Japan!

I’m so excited ! Today someone in Japan bought ┬ámy little jellyfish bowl.It’s such a thrill to have people all over the world buy my art! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Father Ted Bowls

My latest obsession is Father Ted. A Irish sitcom about priests. It is so funny. So of course, I have to make some bowls with the characters on them.

My Little Bowls

I’ve been making little bowls. I’m having so much fun painting them and selling them on Etsy.

Poppa says'"Walk it off.". Momma says, "Tough tittys."

A squirrel with dropped Ice cream.

Don't worry till you have to.

My mother always said," You attract more bees with honey than vinegar."

My mother always said," If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you too?"

My mother always said," If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

I woke up wanting to kiss you

Owl always love youElephant Love

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