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Every little piece is in place! Ronald McDonald House Mosaic. Next- grout!

The pieces are all in place and now we just need to grout to finish it up.

Ronald McDonald House Mosaic

Almost done!

The mosaic I designed and have been working on for many months is finally becoming a reality.Yesterday a team of about 12 women and I worked like demons to get it up in one day- didn’t happen. Just a little more to go and the darkness started creeping in. So it’ll be finished up today and grouting done later? Isn’t it beautiful? Amazing how you can basically take a pile of dirt/ clay and turn it into a beautiful object of art for the children of The Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia. I think it will put a smile on their faces.

Almost done!


The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House project is back on. This is mainly Sandy Malamed’s Project, I’m just designing the artwork and helping with the construction.She’s the boss lady. So now we are gathering technical information on doing a large unprotected outdoor mural mosaic. Sandy is also doing one in mexico.

Videos demonstrating the process:

Some other fantastic mosaic artists:




Our wonderful mosaic project has been rejected. So sad. I had such visions of how amazing it would have been. Oh well! on to bigger and better things. Good bye little bugs, we’ll miss you! I try not to get attached to my creations but its like when your first child goes off to college. Its hard to let go.

dragonflys wings and puppy dog tails

New revised Dragonfly wings for Ronald McDonald House mosaic

Ronald McDonald Mosiac

These are the drawings for the mosaic that is being made by volunteers at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. I’m sure there will be changes along the way but here is what I have drawn so far. It’s going to be big- eleven feet wide.

Mosaic Chicken George

Chicken George

Chicken George

Chicken George is a very bad chicken. He insists on scratching up my garden in his search for bugs. I am happy to be rid of bugs (because I can’t stand the way bugs touch me, nor do I like the way they look with spindly legs and sharp teeth) but jeez George do you have pull up the flowers at the same time!

This is my first mosiac sculpture. I made the armature from chicken wire and newspaper. The base is cement pored into a cake pan with rusty nails inserted dangerous side up. The legs and feet are garden claws. I covered the chicken wire body with plops of cement and then broke a bunch of dishes and stuck on the pieces with quickset and when that all dried i grouted it.